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2016 becomes "Hacienda Salitre" being restored fully retaining its original rustic hacienda hull.


Hacienda El Salitre was part of the Treasury
Jurica was one of the great haciendasmás in
Regarding extension of territory sixteenth century due
fertility of their lands. Just 20 minutes from
center of the city of Queretaro, the Ex Hacienda
better known as Raquet Club, entering the Km
11.5 of the Highway Queretaro - San Luis Potosi,
600 meters from Paseo de la Republica.



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It was part of the Hacienda Jurica which was one of the largest in extent of territory of the XVI century due to the fertility of the land from 1550 to 1580, at least 22 people acquired properties near Queretaro. This number increased rapidly in the following décadas.          Between 1590 and 1630, 62 people who were owners of rural properties appeared in local papers; It was undoubtedly greater the total number.